A Christian Father

A child’s first teacher is their parents. For a child to grow into a healthy, happy person they need both individuals, mom and dad; guiding them, instructing them. Children need their fathers to take an active role in raising them. The role consists of more than setting the rules and dispensing discipline. They should get involved in every facet of their child’s life, provide an exemplary model, and they should look for and act on teachable moments.

God makes it clear in the Bible that fathers need to be teachers for their children.  To be a Christian father means instructing children about God’s love while teaching them how to live their Christian faith; using the Bible to support the words and actions.   

Today, more dads are attempting to find meaningful ways to connect with their child and taking on more responsibility. But it is not easy. Many dads are not accustomed to taking on the role of teacher and resources for fathers are hard to find. This is a place for dads to learn and do more in bringing up their child, following biblical principles.       

Christian Fatherhood


Instructions that provide guidance, reassurance, and insight in raising children following a biblical worldview. Shared experiences and advice that help fathers teach difficult lessons while helping their child develop.

Articles range from How to Teach Your Children to Share to 5 Practical Ways to Fulfill Your Role as Father



Thoughts and words of wisdom to encourage fathers.

Musings include 10 Simple Things My Daughter Taught Me About Life to 27 Treasures of Fatherly Advice.    



Resources to help fathers teach their kids.

Instructions like 10 Helpful Books to Best Teach Kids to Share



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John is a husband, father and teacher. His passion is to help fathers raise their children by sharing his own experiences while following a biblical worldview. Master Lego builder and tea party host. The greatest, most rewarding role a man can have is that of a father.

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