8 Jubilant Books About the True Meaning of Christmas

8 Jubilant Books About the True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas, a time for presents, parties, cookies, candy, songs, friends, and family

It is such a busy time of year that we sometimes forget the true meaning of Christmas. The season is for giving and it is a time to spend with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company, but first it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Tonight as you are reading books before bed, open up one of these 8 stories and read about the reason we celebrate.

Christmas Books Ages 2 & up


A Christmas Prayer– Amy Parker (age 2-5)

Synopsis: Christmas is more than toys. This prayer thanks, each person, and animal who was instrumental in the miracle. This board book has colorful illustrations and a simple rhyme scheme. A great way to say good night.


  • Who was involved in the gift?
  • Is the season about toys or being thankful?
  • Why do we celebrate?


The Christmas Story– Jane Werner (age 2-5)

Synopsis: A very thorough retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth. It starts with the angel Gabriel visiting Mary and ends with the Wise Men. There are good places to stop throughout the book for children who need a break. A classic Golden Book.


  • Who visited Mary?
  • What gifts did the wise men bring Jesus?
  • What did they name their baby?


The Donkey’s Christmas Song– Nancy Tafuri (age 2-3)

Synopsis: A baby is born in stable and the animals there welcome the baby with their song. The donkey is afraid his song will be too loud. Each animal makes their sweet song for the baby until the donkey lets out a loud Hee-Haw! How will baby Jesus react?


  • What sounds to the different animals make?
  • Why is the donkey afraid to sing?
  • How did baby Jesus react when the donkey sang?

Christmas Books Ages 3 & up


A Charlie Brown Christmas– Charles Schultz (age 3 and up)

Synopsis: Charlie Brown is tired of the commercialism surrounding the holiday season. He takes on the role of play director to make a difference and goes out to buy a tree. Charlie chooses the one wooden tree, unfortunately, everyone is disappointed. Charlie asks if anyone knows the true meaning of Christmas, so Linus tells him.  


  • What does Sally want Santa to bring her?
  • Did Charlie do a good job picking out a tree?
  • What is the true meaning?

Christmas Books Ages 4 & up


Away in a Manger– Thomas Kincade (ages 4 and up)

Synopsis: Lyrics to the song, Away in a Manger with illustrations by Thomas Kincade. The pictures are the highlight of this book in Mr. Kincade’s signature style. The last page includes sheet music from the carol.  


Where does Jesus sleep?

What does lowing mean?

Where do we go to live with Jesus?


The First Christmas Night– Keith Christopher (ages 4 and up)

Synopsis: A retelling of the birth of Jesus to the rhyme of Twas the Night Before Christmas. The last page includes Bible verses from Luke and Matthew about Jesus’ birth.


  • Where did baby Jesus lay?
  • Who appeared to the shepherds?
  • What 3 presents did the men bring to Jesus?


The Perfect Christmas Pageant– Joyce Meyer (ages 4-7)

Synopsis: This year Hayley Hippo is in charge of the Christmas pageant and she wants it to be perfect. It is her special gift to Jesus. It does not take long for all Hayley’s plans to go wrong. She works hard to fix all the problems, but nothing goes right. The pageant finally happens, will it be perfect?


  • What is Hayley’s gift to Jesus?
  • What are some of the things that go wrong?
  • Was the play perfect?
  • Does it matter?


This is the Star– Joyce Dunbar (ages 4 and up)

Synopsis:  The story begins with the simple phrase, “This is the star in the sky.” Each page builds as more people follow the star on their journey. Soon a baby is born and the star still shines.


  • Who sees the star first?
  • What animal carries a precious load?
  • Who is the Christ child born to be?
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