Ten Best A Father's Instruction Blogs of 2016

10 Best A Father’s Instruction Blogs of 2016

The year 2016 was very good to my family.

We welcomed a new family member, my oldest started kindergarten and I decided to start a blog. For months I contemplated what the blog should be about. There were already so many parenting and fatherhood blogs out there that I was ready to give up the idea. It was while reading the Bible to my daughter at bedtime that a brilliant idea came to mind.

The next morning I typed into the search engine ‘Christian Dad Blogs.’ I was so excited the first result was “Where are all the Christian Dad Bloggers?”

After that, I knew I had my blog.

Colossians 3:23-24

A Father’s Instruction, the name inspired from Proverbs 4:1, would help dads to raise their children while using biblical principles. Real-life applications of Bible verses in everyday fatherhood situations.

I am proud of my little blog and the community that has grown around it.

Here are the Top 10 Blogs from A Father’s Instruction in 2016

Blogs 10-6

  1. Father Fail: 5 Ways I Hope to Improve

Ever feel like a ‘Father Fail?’ The kids are too much to handle and you just do not know what to do. Follow my journey to find out how to be a better dad.

  1. How to Teach Your Children to Share

Guide to help parents explain and teach their children to share. Includes how to teach beforehand and during an argument.

  1. How to Effectively Handle Tantrums in a Public Arena

Tips to help parents whose children have tantrums in a public place. Numerous real-world suggestions to apply, before, during and after the event.

  1. 27 Treasures of Fatherly Advice to My Kids

A father’s advice to his children. Lessons learned that need to be shared to help navigate through the journey called life.

  1. 3 Reasons Why I Won’t Spank My Child

Is it alright to spank your child? Spanking has been an acceptable form of discipline by parents for years, maybe we need to rethink that.

Blogs 5-1

  1. How to Talk to Kids About Violence

In a world of terrorism, shootings, and riots how do fathers address violence to their children? Strategies to help children cope.

  1. How to Raise Healthy and Happy Children

A complete guide to raising children who are healthy in body, mind and spirit. Tested tips from a once unhealthy man to other parents.

  1. 3 Reasons It is Important to Support Your Wife

The best way to love your children is to support your wife. Three reasons supporting your wife helps your marriage but also helps your kids.

  1. 10 Simple Things My Daughter Taught Me About Life

These are ten simple truths my daughter has taught me since the day she was born. I always thought I was the teacher, turns out I was wrong.

  1. 5 Practical Ways to Fulfill Your Role as Father

Ways to help men become better fathers. Explained from a biblical worldview, but told through real-life experiences from a father.

Parenting is a difficult job but thankfully God gives us help. He shows us how to be great fathers through the Bible.

What blog did you enjoy or was most helpful?

All the best to you. Here’s to another great year!

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John is a husband, father and teacher. His passion is to help fathers raise their children by sharing his own experiences while following a biblical worldview. Master Lego builder and tea party host. The greatest, most rewarding role a man can have is that of a father.

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