5 Brilliant Books That Will Help Your Bossy Kid

5 Brilliant Books That Will Help Your Bossy Kid

I’m the boss in this house! A sentiment shared by everyone.

Telling a child to quit being so bossy comes across as, well, bossy. So how do parents cope with a child who always wants to be the boss? Check out some action tips from a mom on how to handle that boss personality.  



1 Peter 5:3

Sometimes just drawing attention to the issue is enough to help a child. In those instances, a book might be all you need. If that is the case then read and discuss one or all of these 5 books about these children who feel they need to be the boss.   


Bossy Bear- David Horvath (ages 2-5)

Synopsis: A unique view, Bossy Bear likes things his way and isn’t afraid to tell people. It is no surprise that he has no friends. One day he meets someone new, who even though he about Bossy Bear, he still shares.


  • Why does Bear have no friends?
  • Who is nicer in the book?
  • What did Bear learn?


Just Like Bossy Bear- David Horvath  (ages 2-5)

Synopsis: Bossy Bear and Turtle are best friends, but soon Turtle starts acting like Bossy Bear. Turtle wants everything he wants and he doesn’t like the way Turtle is beginning to act. Maybe if Bear changes Turtle will change too.


  • Why does Turtle start acting bossy?
  • What does Bear do to change?
  • Does Turtle change too?


Clara and the Bossy- Ruth Ohi (ages 4-6)

Synopsis: Clara makes a new friend at school, Madison. Madison always makes comments about the what Clara wears and the food she eats. Soon Clara stops doing all the things she likes because of Madison. Now, Clara has to decide who she likes better Madison or herself.


  • Is Madison a very nice person to Clara?
  • Do you like it when people tell you what to do?
  • Do you think people like it when you tell them what to do all the time?
  • Is it better to be yourself or have a friend like Madison?


Bossy Flossy- Paulette Bogan (ages 4-8)

Synopsis: Flossy tells everyone her opinion and sometimes gets in trouble for it. Then she meets Edward who is just like Flossy. Flossy will not play with Edward, so they both agree to stop. Now they are good friends.


  • What makes Flossy so bossy?
  • Is Edward different or similar to Flossy?
  • Are they nicer to each other?
  • Did they change at the end of the book?

Katie Woo: Boss of the World- Fran Manushkin (ages 5-7)

Synopsis: Katie and her friends go to the beach where Katie is in charge of everything. She will not share, takes things, and is overall bossy. Soon Katie’s friends decide to play by themselves until Katie asks to join.What will they say?


  • Do friends want to play with someone who always wants to be the boss?
  • In what ways is Katie always the boss?
  • How should Katie talk to her friends?
  • Is it okay to offer suggestions?


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