How I Keep My Child Engaged During Church Sermons

How I Keep My Child Engaged During Church Sermons

When my daughter was required to stay for the entire church service I was afraid. She reached the age where our church no longer offered during church service care.

Sitting still is not her forte (though we work on it). I knew that her sitting for 30 minutes without talking or bouncing around was near impossible. I also knew that if she had an activity to keep occupied she was less likely to cause a distraction.

Many parents bring books or games (usually an electronic device). I have two issues with that- one, we limit how much time our kids spend in front of a screen and two, they are missing out on the pastor’s message and a chance to learn more about God.  

We go to church to worship, fellowship and learn to become better Christians. I asked myself, is my daughter worshipping God by playing during the sermon? I want all my children to have a glorious relationship with God, to come to know that Jesus lived and died to save us and the importance of accepting Jesus as our Savior. Am I being the best parent I can by allowing my child to ignore the pastor’s sermon? How do I balance enjoyable and engaging activities with a serious time to listen, learn and grow?  

The Walk in Truth Kids Sermon Series is my answer to these questions.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. – 3 John 1:4

Walk in Truth

Each week I create a worksheet with age-appropriate activities for children that accompany the Bible verses we read and learn about in church. This way kids are interacting with the same verses as their parents.

Walk in Truth contains the Bible verse for that week and two activities (crossword, word search, jumbles, etc.). Knowing that two activities are not enough, I supplement Walk in Truth with other activities I find on the internet that correspond with the Bible verse, activities like color by number, dot to dot and mazes.

Download Walk in Truth

I am not a Biblical scholar nor have I taken theological classes. I am a parent who wants my children to enjoy going to church and grow stronger in their faith.    

I pray, Walk in Truth worksheets bring my children closer to God.

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