10 Fun Clean Up Songs to Motivate Your Kids

10 Fun Clean Up Songs to Motivate Your Kids

It’s a mess in there! Go clean up your room.

Sometimes it is easier to get kids to eat vegetables than it is to get them to pick up. They have so many excuses. The one I hear most often is…

“But I am still playing with that”

It amazes me how they are still playing with a toy they haven’t touched in five hours and how they think that by putting it away the toy loses its ability to be played with later.

Kids need to learn the skills of putting things away, making their bed, cleaning their dishes, and dusting, to name just a few. What a child is able to do depends on their age, but they can start helping as young as two.    

The phrase ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ is not a Bible verse, but that does not mean God does not value cleanliness. One of the jobs God gave us was to keep things in order.  

Genesis 2:15

Attempts to coerce kids to straighten up range from pleading to bribery, yes I have tried them all, but I found that singing songs works best.

We warn the kids a few minutes before that it will be time to clean up (cue the excuses). Then when it is time to start we sing a clean up song. The kids will often join in and sing. There is a lot less fussing and they move much quicker.


So in true Letterman style, here are the top 10 clean up songs to motivate your child.

10. Dora’s Clean Up Song

If your kids like Dora the Explorer then this is for you. She sings about everyone working together to help.

9. Clean Up

A super simple song that reinforces putting things away

8. Tidy Up Song

I like this one because it not only sings about tidying up but tells kids to “put them in their place.”

7. Clean Up Little Star

Sometimes it’s as easy as changing the words to familiar tunes. Just change the lyrics to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and you have a great song.   

6. Clean Up Song

Another simple, repetitive song. It is easy to learn and great for the younger kids. I love it because it sings about what the kids should put away.

5. Heigh Ho Clean Up Song

Sing to the tune of “Heigh Ho” from the movie Snow White, and now you have a catchy song to encourage everyone to do their best

4. Whistle While You Work

A popular song even if you don’t know how to whistle

3. Clean It Up

Our whole family loves Laurie Berkner. Every one of her songs is great! This song is simple but effective in getting kids to put their things away.

2. Clean Up Song

Whether you like the big purple dinosaur or not, this is a good tune. Barney has two songs about picking up, but this is my favorite.

1. Clean Up, Pick Up

Short, sweet and simple. We all enjoy watching Daniel Tiger and the songs are easy to remember. That is why this is our family’s favorite clean up song.


Now that you are armed with some stellar songs, straightening up should be a little easier. Just like another song says… “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun”

What cleaning strategies do you use to encourage your kids to clean up?   

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2 thoughts on “10 Fun Clean Up Songs to Motivate Your Kids

  1. These are some great songs! I just added all the youtube links to a playlist to try out next time with the kiddos! Thanks for putting it together! I think instilling a good sense of duty in the child’s life will help them take ownership in the family and makes them feel that they belong more. I always let the girls help me with the vacuum and dusting and things like that, even though they don’t quite help all that much yet… We are getting there, but at least when they see the equipment come out, they are interested!

    I can’t wait to put on the playlist as we go through and do chores next time!

    1. Hope you enjoy! Many of these songs will get stuck in your head, but that is why they are so popular. Let me know if you or your kids have any favorite ones.

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