How to Empower Your Devoted Wife

How to Empower Your Devoted Wife

A happy wife means a happy life. Husbands it is time to do more than just make your wife happy. It is time to respect, love and empower your wife to be her best.

As fathers, men have progressed. The disengaged father is fading. More men feel like they are spending more time with their children than their parents spent with them and roughly 2 million men are stay-at-home dads, a number that is steadily rising.

The divorce rate in America is 40-50%. While men are doing a better job at fatherhood we are not doing a good job at marriage. A relationship takes two people 100% committed. Men, are we doing our part? Some of the most common reasons for divorce are a lack of individual identity, getting lost in parenting roles, and unmet expectations.     

It is time for husbands to focus on their relationship with their wife. Time to empower them.

1 Thessalonians 5:11


Encourage Her Passions

Whether your wife is a stay at home mom or a working mom, husbands should encourage their wife to follow causes they are passionate about. Encourage their involvement at school, church, or volunteering with a charity.  Life is about more than work and family. We need to reach out to others and use our talents to give.

If you don’t already know, find what moves, motivates and inspires her and tell her to pursue it. That may mean more responsibility at home for you, but it is worth it to see her changing lives.    

Compliment Her

Use words and actions to say how much you love and respect her. When you compliment use specifics. Don’t just say ‘I love you’ say ‘I love you because’ or ‘I love that you…’. Whenever people you trust have great words to say about you, then you feel empowered to take on more.

Invest in Her

You are her chief investor. Provide financial and emotional support (both, either or). If she wants to go to school, get certified, start a business then invest in her advancement.

It will not be as easy as handing over money but find ways to work together to make her dreams come true. When times get difficult, listen to her and don’t always try to fix it. When she does come asking for advice…  

Be a Resource

During times of need make yourself available to help. Look for opportunities that might interest her. Take on a role of mentor and introduce your wife to other people that may assist her on her journey.

As a mentor use honest communication and be transparent with your own successes and failures. In return, you may just learn something new.

Support Her  

Difficult moments lay ahead. In those times face the challenges together, pray with and for each other. Make time each night for discussion and prayer. It only needs to take a few minutes.

Find ways to work through the problems and arrive at a solution that your wife is comfortable with.  


If you remember to encourage, compliment, listen and support your wife in every way you can, then she will feel empowered to take on any challenge.

When you guide with these principles she will, in turn, see how to empower you.

An empowered wife leads to a better life- for you, for everyone.


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