Stand 5 Epic Reasons to Read this Awesome Magazine

STAND: 5 Epic Reasons to Read this Awesome Magazine

I was skeptical when I received my first copy of STAND magazine. Little did I know that I held in my hands a truly awesome magazine.

To be honest, I am not much of a magazine reader. I have no interest in many of the topics or tire of them. Most of the time I can find out the same information if I search for it on the computer, saving myself time.

Before STAND, I subscribed to two magazines one about healthy living and the other cooking. Both are practical and offer great insight; helping me and my family to live a better lifestyle.   

I have added a third magazine to my curated collection- STAND. These 5 reasons made me re-think why I need a men’s magazine.


Addresses Sensitive Issues

After reading the first few paragraphs of the “From the Editor” editorial I knew this magazine was going to address issues that no other publication does. Men do not talk about their feelings and men certainly do not admit to other men when they feel sad, disappointed or afraid. STAND does. They say what men are often too afraid to say.  

Men write about their experiences in an open and heartfelt ways; articles about encouraging their son to cry, the male body image, depression, or feeling discriminated.

Reading the honest, sometimes painful words of other men struggles gives me courage. I am not alone with these feelings. I do not need to be ashamed. Men are even stronger when they stand up and accept who they are, what they believe and how they feel.    

Tackles Tough Topics

STAND challenges men to face the reality of society’s problems. Men need to confront issues such as sex trafficking, violence, and addiction. This magazine does just that, encouraging men to look at their role and to be a better man.

It is time men stop making excuses for their actions and begin to find ways to change the societal norms. We need to help make this world safer for everyone.

Meticulous Balance

You will find something of delight in STAND. If one page does not pique your interest, just turn the page and the next will. STAND has a clear mission and they make it come to life in each article and picture. They strike the ultimate balance between serious, thought-provoking essays and light and fun vignettes.

In the pages, you will find gorgeous photography, masterful poetry, provocative interviews, and reviews on books. For men who enjoy looking good, the Curated Thrift section highlights quality clothing that looks great for a small cost.

There is something in this magazine for you.    


Beautiful Design

The experience of reading STAND is not complete without mentioning the design. From the obvious to the subtle this magazine has it all; delivering more than expected.

First, STAND is not printed on flimsy, sticky paper like other magazines. The paper they use is sturdy, more like paper from a hardback novel, unlike any magazine I have ever read.

Second, the layout is visually appealing. A clear focal point and balance of white space keep every page interesting and the reader engaged.  

The simplicity and beauty of the STAND design are what makes it stand out from other magazines (pun absolutely intended).   


Motivating Men

The reason STAND is a great publication is because it motivates and challenges men to better themselves. Every article, poem, or visual encourages men to take action and initiate change.

If the first few articles do not get you motivated, then the Men Mad section will. The focus of Men Mad is about men making a difference in the community. It includes short but powerful stories of men attempting to change the negative, stereotypical perception of fatherhood and manhood.   


The word magazine does not do this publication justice. Hold the magazine once and you will understand, too

STAND is more than a magazine, STAND is a call to all men. It is about courage and faith, beauty and demons, love and forgiveness, laughter and inspiration.

Men, it is time to STAND.



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