5 Powerful Ways People Give to Those in Need

5 Powerful Ways People Give to Those in Need

It is always the season to give to those in need or who are less fortunate.

I recently noticed that both my children have the spirit of giving, but that they show it in different ways. Neither way is incorrect or better. As unique individuals, they show their generosity uniquely.  They give to others in a way that is comfortable for them.

Parents should never force generosity on their children, but instead, encourage them to find the way they enjoying giving to others. Provide guidance and praise when they choose to give.    

2 Corinthians 9:7

People give to others in these 5 ways, providing more than tangible gifts for both the receiver and the giver.

The Giver of Gifts

Some people enjoy buying and giving gifts to people. A gift giver enjoys choosing the perfect gift and then presenting it. They are able to see the joy their gift brings.

Often, gift givers put a lot of thought into the type of gift they give. They are highly considerate of what the receiver needs and likes.   

However, not all gift givers must see the joy they bring. Just the thought that they brought happiness is enough. Many gift givers will buy coffee or food for the person behind them, just to spread some kindness.

The Giver of Talent

Like gift givers, talent givers enjoy giving tangible gifts to people. Talent givers use a talent that they have to spread generosity.

One person may write a poem, another might draw a picture. A person who is gifted in music may write or perform a song. Someone who is talented working with their hands may build a gift.

Unique talents bring thoughtful gifts.  

The Giver of Time

A time giver is a person who gives their time to do a something that is not their talent. Time givers are often people who volunteer and who go on mission trips.

All people who give are givers of time. Whether they use their time to buy a gift, make a gift, or give selflessly.  

The Sharer

A person who shares is a special kind of gift giver. They give to others while taking away from themselves. The shared gift is remarkable for this reason.

The Giver of Words

A kind word can be more powerful to a person than any material gift. A giver of words always speaks to encourage or lift up another person. The words, intention, and delivery inspire everyone who hears it.      

Prayer is a way for a word giver to give. They recognize that they cannot give all that is needed and they use prayer to help call on God.  


Giving is about making other people feel better, bringing some sunshine to their life. It is knowing that you made someone’s day a little better, a little brighter. 

No one way to give is best. After all, it is not about the gift but the thought. In each of the ways the thought is always about giving to those in need.

In what ways does your child like to give? What ways do you give?    

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