Stop Whining: 4 Books That Will Save Your Sanity

Stop Whining: 4 Books That Will Save Your Sanity

“But how come he gets to play with it?” Whining is not about the words but the tone of voice. Often the point is valid, but the delivery is all wrong.

Why is whining so common and why does it drive parents crazy? According to Positive Parenting Solutions it is because we let kids whine and because they know it drives us crazy. Sometimes it is the only way children know how to communicate.


Philippians 2:14


Getting them to stop whining is a challenge and constant struggle. Children start to whine around three years old and in some never stop. Parents can stop their child from whining with some persistence, proper education, and the right resources.

If you are struggling with a child who whines here are some books you can use that will gently remind them to stop.

Ages 3 & Up


A Children’s Book About Whining– Joy Berry (age 3-6)

Synopsis: Meet Annie as she learns about whining. The book covers different aspects, including why people whine and how to handle friends who do. It also offers practical suggestions. Along the way, Annie learns a valuable lesson


  • How do you handle a person who is whining?

  • What are some reasons a person whines?

  • What should you do if you are bored?

  • Did Annie learn anything at the end of the book?

Love You When You Whine– Emily Jenkins (age 3-6)

Synopsis: How a parent loves a child no matter what their kid says or does. Realistic examples of everything a child does to drive parents crazy- yet we still love them.


  • Do I still love you when you whine?

  • But should you still whine?

  • Do you do anything like the kid in this book?

  • Is there anything you can do that will make me not love you?

Ages 4 & Up

You Get What You Get– Julie Gassman (ages 4-6)

Synopsis: Melvin does not deal well with disappointment. He throws a fit when something does not go his way. When he gets to school he learns a new rule, one that he keeps to himself, until his sister whines. Now the school rule of ‘You Get What You Get and You Don’t Throw a Fit’ is applied at home and everything changes.


  • Is throwing a fit like whining?

  • Do you always get what you want?

  • Why did Melvin’s sister whine?

  • Did Melvin do better at the end of the book?

Monsters Eat Whiny Children– Bruce Eric Kaplan (age 4-8)

Synopsis: Father warns his two children, Henry and Eve about whining, and that monsters will eat them if they continue to whine. The kids to do not believe until they are snatched by a monster who intends to make a salad out of them. More monsters join and argue about how to best serve whiny children. At last, the monsters decide, only to find they have a problem.


  • Should children whine?

  • Will monsters really eat children?

  • What food from the book to you like to eat?

  • Did Henry and Eve learn a lesson about whining?

Equipped with one or all of these books will help you survive that incessant whining.  


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